About us

About Us

We are a leading diversified company carrying out Electrical, construction, engineering and procurement activities. We are committed to providing reliable, amicable, and professional service to our valuable clients. Our appreciation of our client’s interests, evidenced by meeting their requirements and ensuring high-quality work, is the prime directive of our management. 

Our growth and profitability are maintained through innovation, technical enhancement, and adaptability to all our markets. Our profitability is directed towards sustaining growth and providing satisfactory returns to our shareholders. Our commitment to growth is firmly linked to our commitment to our employees’ continuous development and rewarding careers. We are also devoted to our employee’s safety and health, job security, and welfare. Our strength emanates from our distinct culture, strong and close relationships with our clients, employees’ competence and loyalty, entrepreneurial and flexible management, capability, dynamism, focus on quality and safety, and commercial acumen. 

Aravinda origins go back to 1989 when B.M. Srinivas, a young entrepreneur, created an electrical contracting company. 

After decades of growth, Aravinda continues to practice the same style of management incorporated at its founding, a style based on mutual trust with clients, ease of communication, and smooth collaboration across locations and departments. Since the company’s humble beginnings, the Aravinda has expanded into many business verticals and Zones. 


Our Mission


Committed to “ON TIME “and “ON BUDGET” delivery, guaranteed quality performance and providing end to end solutions to our customers. To achieve this, we are focused to provide a level of service that will exceed the expectation of our clients, maintain the highest level of quality and also provide our employees an opportunity to grow. 

Our Vision

To be recognized as leading Electrical and Civil Engineering contractor though our service per our customer satisfaction. To achieve this, we constantly strive for continuity of works, taking pride in our aim of delivering all projects safely, on budget and ahead of schedule.