Centralized Control & Monitorin System (CCMS)

Centralized Control & Monitorin System (CCMS) acquires data from various kinds of meters installed in the field through GPRS and from the DCUs. The data received is validated, processed, converted into the format (CDF format like XML) and forwarded to MDMS (meter data management system) for further analysis and reporting. MDA supports raw meter data, instantaneous data, alarms and alerts.

Complete solution for Centralized Control & Monitoring (CCM) of Smart Street Lights. The main objective of CCM is to avoiding any human intervention and monitor parameters acquired from DCUs.

Key Features

  • Switch ON and OFF the lights of a particular switching point and/or networked switching points from Central Control Station
  • Records LED luminaries glowing and non glowing hours of a particular point
  • Displays the power failure details of all connected lights
  • Hourly data stored and sent to central server
  • Registers all fault conditions like excess voltage/current drawn, lamps failure, no power supply, etc through the instantaneous alert messages sent by the unit
  • Measurement and display of parameters like Voltages, Metering, Light Status, etc.
  • Ensure high and reliable performance and ease of operation from the user point

Application Overview

User Dashboard

  • Project Name
  • Lights Installed, On & Off
  • MCB Status
  • Power Consumption

Internal Messaging

  • The module allows to send private messages to recipients you specified, regardless of who are in the followers list.
  • It simplify internal communication in leads, when you need to send some private messages to your colleagues before reply to customer. It helps in records like project tasks too. In a task with many participants, you can easily send message and only specified colleagues will be notified.

Contact Management

  • Contacts are those who are not portal users but follows/monitor certain project / process / task from the portal
  • Calendar/reminders
  • Document Storage
  • Track Service Status


  • This module can also prevent resources from being double-booked.
  • You can restrict resources to certain calendar types. In the Resources form view, edit the Event Types field. The resource can then be added to events only of those types.

Employee & Roll Management

  • Employee Dashboard
  • Create & Manage Staff
  • Create & Manage Staff Roles
  • Manage Staff Attendance

Project Management

  • Register a Faulty Issue as Task in ERP
  • Assign to Staff for troubleshooting
  • Re-assign to co-worker / sub-ordinates
  • Set work status & progress
  • Set Deadlines
  • Capture Timesheet to know number of hours worked on particular task
  • Add Followers to assigned Task/Issue

MIS Reports

  • User Level Reports
  • Work Status Reports
  • Accounting Reports
  • Limitations (To avoid long queries which affects speed of the application)
  • All reports can be generated with date range and upto maximum three month’s data (Less than or equal to 92 days) – Detailed Report
  • Summary Queries can be generated for One Year